Reinforced Concrete Tank Bases

This contract was the main civils works of a starch project being undertaken by Sedalcol UK based at the site in Selby.

The civil works awarded were essentially divided into 4 main areas of work: works for the Starch Drier; works in the Mill Complex; works for the Starch Storage and Out loading Facility; Associated drainage, services, roads and hard standings.

Starch Storage & Out loading Facility

These works included the installation of piled concrete raft foundations to support the starch storage silos and out loading structure. It can be seen from the photographs on this page that it included the construction of two large circular reinforced concrete slabs supported with piles underneath. Prior to these works it was necessary to carry out some site clearance with removal of all materials including any hazardous waste as identified on site.

Starch Drier

Works to this location consisted of excavation and filling works to facilitate the installation of a piled concrete floor slab foundation along with associated concrete pile caps. This was followed by the installation of a suspended ‘Spinner Table Inertia Slab’, weighing approximately 37 tonnes, which was constructed at ground level and lifted into position with a crane.

All of these works require careful planning, co-ordination and execution as we had to work in conjunction with a steelwork and cladding contractor.

Mill Complex

Works to the existing Mill Complex involved working in conjunction with the steelwork contractor to erect some new suspended concrete floors following modifications to the building’s steel structure on floors 1 and 2. Suspended metal deck flooring first had to be installed to to carry the new reinforced concrete slabs to create the new floor space. During these works we had to install a specialist aspiration plant to provide negative pressure within the area and to ensure that all ‘dusty’ trades were contained.

These complex works required careful programming and execution and is an excellent demonstration of CR Reynolds Ltd’s capabilities to carry out complex works safely, on time and in budget.

Main Civils works to a starch plant

Client: Sedalcol UK
Location: Selby, East Yorkshire
Contract Value: £725,000 approx.
Contract Period: 30 weeks