Middlesbrough Delivery Unit Construction

Network Rail required an experienced Principal Contractor Licence holder to complete the construction of a new two storey Delivery Unit (DU) building, to replace their existing operational DU in Middlesbrough. This unit would replace the existing portable offices and storage units, which the Client's employees were working out of.


  • Construction of a two storey steel frame office building, including all internal finishes
  • Construction of new steel frame and cladding storage units
  • New access road, staff car park and external yard area
  • Installation of perimeter fencing and access gates
  • Demolition and removal of the existing DU temporary units

The work site was adjacent to a busy high street environment. It was therefore essential that we liaised proactively with both the Client and local stakeholders, to ensure that works were planned thoroughly. We consequently worked with great caution when entering the site and phased works accordingly, in order to mitigate disruption to the traffic within the town centre.

We also liaised with statutory undertakers to ensure that statutory services remained uninterrupted by the works.

Challenges and Solutions
Maintaining client access – As Middlesbrough DU is operational 24/7 and performs important local Network Rail functions, access to all Client areas had to be maintained around the clock. Upon contract award, it was essential that we worked closely with our Client to make this possible. Our Site Manager then held daily discussions with Network Rail management with regards to forthcoming site operations in order to suitably prepare and minimise disruption. Owing to our collaborative approach and proactive planning, we were able to maintain uninterrupted 24/7 Client operational access throughout the construction phase.

Challenges and Solutions (continued)
Managing site deliveries and storage of materials – Due to the challenging location of the site, there was very little space available to store large quantities of materials or waste. Consequently, our Procurement manager worked in close collaboration with our appointed supply chain members to adopt a ‘Just In Time’ (JIT) strategy for site material deliveries. The strategy enabled the works to be completed with minimal on site storage of materials, which had a positive effect on resource efficiency and waste generation. Where site waste was produced, we used local, pre-approved waste contractors to ensure effective waste removal throughout the project.

Thanks to excellent planning and close collaboration with our Client, we successfully delivered the project on time, within budget and to an excellent standard. The majority of the works were undertaken by our highly trained in-house staff, and other works were carried out by our pre-approved, specialist subcontractors. We have subsequently been awarded further contracts constructing delivery units for Network Rail.

The Difference We Made
We completed this project efficiently and to an excellent standard, providing a modern and exciting new space for Network Rail staff. Our proactive approach allowed the DU to remain fully operational throughout, allowing Network Rail’s crucial operations to continue without disruption. We adopted environmentally friendly methods whilst endeavouring to use local, specialist subcontractors wherever possible.

We were also delighted to welcome 3 Network Rail apprentices for a day visit, which included a site induction.

Middlesbrough DU Construction

Client: Network Rail
Location: Middlesbrough
Contract Value: £2.1million
Contract Period: 52 weeks, ending 2019