Construction of a new Supertram Crossing

We were engaged as the Principal Contractor to carry out the construction of a new Supretram Crossing, adjacent to Meadowhall, Sheffield. It's implementation was required to improve the transport links between Sheffield City Centre and the north of the city.

The construction included the re-grading of existing tracks to both sides of the crossing and the installation of slabs and precast concrete crossing slabs. Ducting was also laid to the existing traffic lights and new drainage was connected to the existing track drainage. Existing masts and cabling were altered as required and new mast components installed. A new section of grooved rail in the concrete slabs forming the crossing itself were also installed.

The scheme was essentially divided into the following sections of work:

1. Trackworks
2. Crossing Slab Works
3. Alteration of OLE (Electrified Lines) Trackworks

We executed all works necessary to re-grade the rail track. This work involved both the horizontal and vertical realignment of both sides of the rail track for a distance of approximately 300 metres. These works also included alteration to existing inspection boxes and installation of new sections of wooden sleepers to allow set up of the traffic crossing sensors, additional ducting and service boxes.

Crossing Slab Works
These works included taking up the existing rails to allow new pre-cast concrete slab section installation. Once the track was removed, we excavated as necessary to allow the installation of the new sub-base. The new concrete slabs were constructed in advance to minimise installation time on site due to the tight possession programme. Once the pre-cast units had been installed with the assistance of a crane, associated drainage and service works completed this element of the scheme. The existing pre-cast concrete sleepers, rails and all steelwork connectors were re-used.

Alteration of OLE (Overhead Electrified Lines)
Existing masts and cabling were modified as necessary and new masts and foundations were installed.

This was a project that required careful planning and preparation in order to ensure a smooth on-site construction period. It involved various specialist operations all to be carried out within a tight works programme. Given the nature of the project it involved interfaces with many interested parties and we managed this process efficiently and effectively. All of the above contributed to a successfully completed project that was done on time, within budget and ultimately to the clients satisfaction.

Construction of a new Supertram Crossing

Client: Sheffield City Council
Location: Sheffield
Contract Value: £475,000
Contract Period: All site works carried out during a 13 day track possession