Bridlington Harbour Pier Heads Repair

Situation & Target

To replace the pier head mass concrete blocks on both the North and South pier heads - damaged when a disabled vessel attempted to enter the harbour in bad conditions.


  • Accurate dimensional survey to ensure replacement concrete blocks can be lifted into place and will fit to the line/level of the originals.
  • All damaged blocks removed and replaced with new individual blocks cast to the same dimensions.
  • Rake out and repoint cracked bed joints at South Pier.


Works completed successfully on time and within budget, to the delight of the client.


From our earliest involvement we nurtured an inclusive and collaborative approach to managing the works, ensuring all stakeholders views were understood and their expectations managed accordingly and appropriately.

We worked with the Harbour Superintendent to ensure that harbour staff could reach the harbour light (situated at the South end of the North Pier) whenever necessary, regardless of the time or day.
We ensured access remained at all times to the fish quay, moored vessels, shops, business, amusements and associated cabins.

We ensured our methods of working did not block or unduly impede the harbour, its entrance
or approaches and before starting any of the works, we issued a local Notice to Mariners setting out the extent and duration of the works and advising of any temporary obstructions within the harbour water space.

Challenges & Solutions

  • Instability of South Pier – all resins, mortars etc fully cured prior to dismantling the pier’s damaged section, ensuring the South West corner’s stability while work is in progress.
  • North Pier End Very Exposed – works planned carefully for more favourable times of year so working conditions were not too dangerous.
  • 8 Tonne Weight Restriction On Pier – Blocks installed using a crane barge
  • Avoiding Disruption To Harbour & Local Businesses – Works timed so vessels entering/exiting the harbour wouldn’t be obstructed by the crane barge. Consideration given and access maintained for local amusements, attractions and businesses

The Difference We Made

  • Pier heads repaired and safety of concrete blocks restored
  • The use of a crane barge to install/remove blocks, improving safety and ease of installation
  • All lifting operations executed with floating of jack-up equipment independent of the North Pier so as not to overload it.
  • Replacement concrete blocks were cast and cured prior to commencement of works to absolutely minimise the time during which pier head is dismantled

Bridlington Harbour Pier Heads Repair

Client: Bridlington Harbour Commissioners
Location: Bridlington
Contract Value: £185,000
Contract Period: 6 Weeks