Nottingham Train Station Platform Resurfacing

Platforms 1C and 2 at Nottingham rail station required resurfacing, to bring their cross falls in line with current Network Rail standards. The cross fall towards these platforms’ edges had been identified as too great, making them safety hazards for prams and wheelchair users.


  • Removal of existing paving
  • Replacing with new Marshall Perfecta Paving (approx 650m2)
  • Localised resetting of tactiles to ensure new platform cross falls meets current NR standards
  • Adjustments to existing coper to suit new levels & falls.
  • Installation of new drainage channel and sump units to platforms (approx 100m)


Works completed successfully on time and within budget, to the delight of Network Rail.


From our earliest involvement we nurtured an inclusive and elaborate approach to managing the works, ensuring all stakeholders views were understood and their expectations managed accordingly and appropriately.

Challenges & Solutions

  • Operational Use Had To Be Maintained – We undertook the works in phases to ensure continuing operational use of both platforms. Coper and Tactile works were carried out during night-time possessions
  • Very Restricted Access – All materials being delivered or removed to work areas were across the tracks during line blocks at night

The Difference We Made

  • Platform safety brought in line with current Network Rail standards, ensuring the continued safety of rail passengers.
  • Platform paving and altering levels brought in line with current Network Rail standards.

Nottingham Train Station Platform Resurfacing

Client: Network Rail
Location: Nottingham
Contract Value: £300,000
Contract Period: 10 Weeks