Shipley Delivery Unit Construction

As part of an ongoing building improvement programme, Network Rail required a licensed Principal Contractor to complete the construction of a new two storey delivery unit (DU) building in Shipley. The unit was to be built on the site of the existing DU, which comprised various portable office and storage units, in various states of repair.


  • On a design and build basis, construction of a two storey steel frame office building, including all internal finishes
  • Construction of a new steel frame and cladding storage unit
  • New staff car park and external yard
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Demolition and removal of existing DU temporary units

Clear and consistent communication with stakeholders from the outset was essential, as it was imperative that the 24/7 live operational depot remained open throughout the works. Proactive communication with our Client and stakeholders allowed us to plan effectively and maintain access to the site throughout.

Challenges and Solutions
Maintaining 24/7 operational access – Shipley DU is an important depot for Network Rail, and it was therefore essential that we retained 24/7 access to the depot whilst allowing it to continue to operate. We led planning meetings during the pre-construction stage, in order to ascertain the Client’s access requirements. Undertaking this early collaboration enabled us to develop detailed phasing of the works, allowing us to deliver works to the required programme, whilst retaining safe Client operations.

Challenges and Solutions (continued)
These plans offered our Client a value engineered solution, as it meant they could stay within their existing accommodation whilst the new building was ‘built in the dry’. This resulted in a saving on temporary accommodation and alternative land rental costs for our Client.

We successfully completed the project on time, within budget and to an excellent standard. We completed works whilst ensuring that there was minimal disruption to the ongoing busy operations at Shipley DU. The majority of the works were undertaken by our highly trained in-house staff, and other works were carried out by our pre-approved, specialist subcontractors.

The Difference We Made
We created an innovative and exciting space for Network Rail’s staff to operate out of. Furthermore, at our Client’s request, we welcomed 3 of their apprentices onto the site – bringing invaluable experience by teaching them about on-site conditions, and giving them a great insight into how projects of this nature are undertaken.

Shipley DU Construction

Client: Network Rail
Location: Shipley, West Yorkshire
Contract Value: £1.44million
Contract Period: 55 weeks, ending 2018