As an established civil engineering construction company we have, for the past 30 years, provided a quality service on a nationwide basis.

At CR Reynolds we pride ourselves on our bespoke services and innovative approach to civil engineering construction, and we uphold excellent relations with our clients.

Our approach starts with early contractor involvement, where innovation and value engineering are factored into our projects; providing a time and overall cost saving to the project at design stage to the benefit of both the client and the end user.

We have a highly experienced and well-established team, with a reputation for a friendly and professional approach. The qualifications, experience and contact network of our staff have already contributed a great deal of added value to projects that we have been involved with. We enjoy working closely and co-operating with our Clients and their design teams and consistently deliver cost effective solutions

We value the opportunity afforded to us to contribute positively to the development of schemes that are safe, efficient and cost-effective to construct. We believe that, by giving clear direction to a design team and offering insights from a construction viewpoint, we can deliver projects that successfully achieve the objectives of all of the parties involved.

We seek to establish excellent working relationships from the outset with our Clients and their design teams and we allocate our own full-time dedicated team to our projects in order to maintain close working relations. The majority of our correspondence is generated from our site offices. Our site management team has primary responsibility for delivering the project safely, on time, on budget, to the required quality and without detriment to the environment.

Our policy is to delegate decision-making as far as possible to site level, while providing close support from our Directors. We are convinced that by affording considerable autonomy to our site staff we offer our Clients an efficient and streamlined site management system. This combined has benefitted our clients significantly and is the cornerstone of our construction partnering relationships.

Quality & Customer Focus:

C R Reynolds Ltd operates procedures that are designed to ensure that each project, and all of our work, is carried out under controlled conditions. Our quality management systems are accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 respectively.