Railway level crossing improvements

These works involved the installation of 20no MK2 level crossing fencing around the new bases. The existing crossings were being converted from AOCL (Automatic Open Crossing - Locally monitored) to ones with level crossing barriers that go across the road.

This contract also included the design and build of a retaining wall and all associated works works at Seacroft Level Crossing (near Skegness).

Essentially, the barrier base work was divided into the following 3 sections:

1. Construction of the MK2 bases. This work involved hand excavation works, trench protection, steel and fittings installation, formwork and concreting works. All works had to be carried out under track possessions / Line Blockages with appropriate traffic management in place.

2. The barrier installations required a protection fence surrounding them together with ground improvement works and landscaping around the new barriers position.

3. Roadworks; in last phase of works the new kerbs, tactiles, road surface and road markings were installed to bring the existing crossing to new safety standards.

Seacroft Level Crossing

In addition to the barrier bases and associated works, also part of the works was to design and build a retaining wall at Seacroft Level Crossing, Skegness.

Possession requires careful preparation and planning because working time is critical and it is essential that all planned works are carried out during the allotted times. This contract proved to be another successfully completed job with Network Rail.

Railway level crossing improvements

Client: Network Rail
Location: 20 sites across various locations
Contract Value: £350,000 approx
Contract Period: 20 weeks